Friday, July 16, 2010

Diminished Power

After the British removed the last Peshwa from power, their arrogance was bound- less. They brushed aside even the Mughal Emperor.

Dawn is the child of the night. On one side there was a determined effort to destroy freedom; on the other side attempts were being made to get ride of slavery.

The love of freedom can never be put down; the more it is suppressed the stronger it grows. On one side the crowns of the native kings were trembling, the kings were accepting the humiliating conditions imposed by the Company government and their states were being made protected states. ON the other hand, the desires was growing to nip British rule in the bud and defend the country’s freedom and honour. But outwardly there was calm; every thing was being done secretly; the country was like the Volcano which is silent and secret before erupting.


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