Friday, July 16, 2010


The adopted son Damodar Rao had by then completed six years and entered the seventh. Arrangements were made to invest him with the sacred thread.

A petition was sent to the British officer in charge of the state. There were six lake rupees in the treasury in Damodar Rao’s name. The petition asked for permission to withdraw a lakh of rupees for the religious ceremony.

"Damodar Rao is still young. If four persons stand surety to my satisfaction the amount will be paid," said the British officer.

The Rani swallowed the insult and got the money. The leaders met for the religious ceremony.

Women kept strict watch all round the place, as the leaders held their meeting.

The leaders had some information. The Hindu soldier’s in the British army were enraged because they were not allowed to wear the ‘tilaka’ (a sacred mark) on their foreheads; in the same way the Muslim soldiers were enraged because they were compelled to use cartridge smeared with fat. There was deep discontent in the army.

Haste was unwise. Also, the army was not yet quite ready. It was also necessary to ensure that during the was there would be no looting and dacoity. Otherwise the sympathy of the people would be lost. This was the stand of the Rani. Others agreed.


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