Friday, July 16, 2010

The Story Of Jhansi

Jhansi is now the headquarters of a district in Uttar Pradesh. There were two conditions in the treaty between the British and the Raja of Jhansi – the first, that, whenever the British needed help Jhansi should help them, and, the second, that the consent of the British was necessary to decide who should be the ruler of Jhansi. So the seed of total ruin was sown.

In 1838 the British appointed Gangadhar Rao as the Raja.

The former Raja Raghunath Rao had left the treasury empty. The administration had collapsed and the people had no place. Gangadhar Rao quickly set right everything.

The place acquired more cattle, elephant and horses. The armoury was well stocked with arms and ammunition. The army had five thousand infantry and five hundred cavalry; and these were supported by artillery.

But the British army was also stationed in the State. On this account alone the treasury was spending rupees 2,27,000


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